Our Story


Hello, we are The Happy Wedding Co. Which was set up by Hash & Fiona Alsaidi, (that's them in the picture),  in June 2012, with the sole aim of offering couples a wedding experience that allowed them to express who they are, and what makes them so special together.

Their story starts on Christmas morning 2010, on a hill by Trim Castle in Ireland. While they were out walking our dog Bailey. Hash got down on one knee and asked the most important question of his life. Fiona said yes straight away, (but did not shed a tear, which Hash is still a bit bummed about). And so the next chapter of our lives was about to begin …after the wedding of course! 

Conventional is not something they were into, so when it came to their wedding day they wanted it to be unique, and most of all, fun! They both come from different backgrounds and cultures, but discovered a love for each other that is built on their shared desires and attitudes. 

As they set about creating their wedding day, (or as they had, a wedding weekend), they quickly started to realise that the conventional wedding industry does not really like it when you come at them with ideas or things you want that are not in the pre-designed wedding packages. This, unfortunately, meant that for them to have wedding stationary and table decorations the way they wanted, meant they had to design and make the vast majority of it themselves. 

They are both creative ideas people, so transforming those ideas into reality took a lot of time, money and support from great people.  

In the end their wedding weekend was exactly as they had dreamt it! Their tables were named after their favourite sweets, with each table having a huge jar of sweets as its centrepiece. Their favours were a pick ‘n mix bag and scoop, which lead to a kids-in-a-candyshop experience for guests, and was followed by a dance-off between a belly dancer and Irish dancers! 

Creating a wedding that is unique and individual to who you are, which is fun for you and your guests, should not be challenging, but unfortunately is. So in 2011 Hash and Fi decided to create The Happy Wedding Co. to help you create the wedding day you have always wanted, whatever that may be. The Happy Wedding Co. has gone from strength to strength since launch and has now supplied products to over 5000 happy couples! By 2014 with child number 1 hitting the terrible twos and child number 2 planned Hash and Fi decided it was time put down the glitter spray and hand the business over to someone who could take it to the next level. In the summer of 2014 they met Senga (randomly their dogs walkers daughter in law) who has been working with couples for the past year to make their weddings unique. Senga and The Happy Wedding Co. are the perfect match and she has some really exciting plans for the future so watch this space!! 

Our site is full of products which are fun and unique for you to buy, but also by clicking the Make My Wedding Unique button you can challenge us to find or develop the products and services you want for your special day.


It is our belief that every couple, and what makes them love each other, is unique, so the day that you choose to celebrate that love and individuality should also be unique. 

We hope we can help you! 

Senga, Hash & Fiona x